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Major hurdle taken for building our AgriPVplus demonstrator

This week we cleared another major hurdle on the way to the #AgriPVplus demonstration site at #CampusBernburg. The sounding has revealed no munitions contamination. Now the pile driving of the mountain racks can begin.

After detailed planning, much paperwork, and high bureaucracy obstacle, we finally started the construction of our AgriPVplus demonstrator at our #CampusBernburg of Hochschule Anhalt University of Applied Sciences.

As a special requirement for our campus, the first step was a detailed Magnetometer Geophysical survey for unexploded ordnance. Therefore, a explorative hole of 3m depth was drilled for each pole of the future mounting rack. The holes were later filled with expansive organic soil to get the ground stability for the poles. In total, 95 holes were drilled and checked for unexploded ordnance.

Stay tuned, we are keeping you updated!